Astonishing look for Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman (Disneyfied figure)

Sleep Tight is a song written by Sarah Brightman in about 1997. It is enlisted as the second track of her Time To Say Goodbye single.


Verse 1:
We saw Fantasia in a far off land,
Cry for the living in the desert sand.
They waited underneath a splintered moon
To hear the beating of an ancient tune.

Sleep tight.
The reaper's waiting in the wings.
Sleep tight.
To reap a man of many things.
Sleep tight.
Look through the eyes of destiny.
Sleep tight.
We find the kingdom but He holds the key.

Verse 2:
I met a seer who believes and dreams,
Our blood is running through eternal streams.
Dust you'll return and dust you shall remain.
'Cause that's the only heart that beats and beats again.

(repeat chorus 3x)

Sleep tight