A Salty DogAmelia BrightmanAmigos Para Siempre
By NowCaptain NemoDive
EdenFirst of MayFly
Ghost in the MachineryHow Can Heaven Love Me?I Want To Fly
I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go)In The AirJohnny Wanna Live
Keep The LightMurder in Mairyland ParkMy Imagination
No One Like YouOnce In a LifetimeQuestion of Honor
RunningSarah BrightmanSeven Seas
Ship of FoolsSleep TightSo Many Things
The Brightman Sisters WikiThe FlyThe Phantom of the Opera
The Second ElementThere For MeTimeless
Where Eagles FlyWho Wants To Live Forever?Why
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File:Forum new.gifFile:I love my white bunny rabbit (by Kimberly).jpgFile:It's showtime!.jpg
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File:Sarah Brightman & Chris Thompsom handcuffed.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman 14.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman 18.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman 4.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman Dive Album.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman Eden Album.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman Fly Album.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman Timeless Album.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman and Eric Adams on a beautiful day.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman and José Carreras.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman as Christine.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman as Cure Diva.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman close-up.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman feeling the wind.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman in a white gown.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman in another style.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman in black.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman in space.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman in the bubbles.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman lying down.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman lying on the sofa.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman singing ''First of May'' (Dance x Mixer style).pngFile:Sarah Brightman skipping.jpgFile:Sarah Brightman squatting 2.jpg
File:Sarah Brightman the Easter butterfairy.jpgFile:Sarah with extended hair.jpgFile:Standing in her sailor self with long hair.jpg
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